Ordering & Payment

Trust us, we really want your money, so just hold tight and we'll figure this out together.

Did you get a red message that said to check your payment or billing details?

  • Have you moved in the last months? If so, our billing address
    verification system probably wants to use your previous billing address
  • Or, do you have any abbreviations in your billing info? Check your
    statement and see exactly how it's listed: 'apt' vs. '#',or 'Street' vs.
    'St.' You get the idea. Our verification can be super strict; you gotta
    get it just right.

No, I didn't get a message, the contents of my cart just disappeared!

  • Aha! The old disappearing contents trick. Contact us at service@timbuk2europe.nlso we can give it a try. We often have the magic touch!

I didn't get an email confirmation.

  • Did you check your junk folder?
  • Still no confirmation? That usually means you incorrectly entered your email address. Whoops! contact us at service@timbuk2europe.nland we will help you track it down.

Also, having an item in your cart does not reserve it, nor does it save
the sale price. If we sell out of the item or the sale ends, this change
may prevent your order from going through.

We want to say yes but we have to say no. Unfortunately, once your order
is placed, we cannot make any changes to it. It might be possible to
cancel your order. Please CONTACT US as soon as possible if you wish to do
this, as we work hard to get your order shipped quickly and have a very
short window of opportunity to cancel orders.  Our window is teeny tiny,
so timing is of the essence. 

All orders are subject to Value Added Taxes (VAT). This is included in your purchase price.

Shipping & Returns

You might be eligible for free shipping. For full details and offerings check our shipping page.

Most of the year we ship within 1-2 business days of the order being
placed. During promotions or high volume times this processing time may
increase slightly.

The exact timing of shipment all depends on how many orders are in
line in front of yours. Oh and just to be super clear "business" means
Monday through Friday and excludes most public holidays

Sure you can, just provide us with proof of purchase and you can
exchange by sending it back to us. As long as it was ordered within the
last 14 days, hasn't been used, and has all the tags still attached we
are happy to exchange. For full details and check our returns page.

We ship to all countries on the European continent

Warranty, Repairs, and Bag Care

WHAT? No way! While our bags are nearly indestructible, strange things
do happen. We have a repairs program that may be able to get your bag
back into action.  For more details, check out our Warranty and Repairs page.

We stock replacement parts in a limited manner for now. However do contact us: service@timbuk2europe.nl and we can tell you what we can do for you.

So your Timbuk2 Bag is no longer looking its best and you want to
make it sparkling new again. We recommend spot cleaning for your bag.

Take a damp towel or sponge with a mild detergent and wipe clean

  • For greasier, more stubborn dirt - try plain dish soap or a cleaner like simple green.

Natural fabrics, such as wool or cotton canvas are best cleaned with a
wet rag, synthetic fibers such as nylon or polyester can be scrubbed
with a plastic bristled brush.

Can you wash your bag in the washer?

  • We do NOT recommend it.

Why not?

  • The fabrics have waterproofing coatings on the inside that can be washed away in the washer.
  • Some features of the bag might bleed or run.
  • It will void the warranty.

NEVER put your bag in the dryer. Ever. You will cry, we will cry,
everyone involved will cry...and any damage caused by the machine won't
be covered under our warranty.

Oh yes, sometimes the day comes when it’s time to move on. It’s not me, it’s the bag.

We offer a Recycle (Break up With Your Bag) program year round. We
work with local partners to give your bag a new lease on life with a new
owner that can use it. From homeless youth to kids learning to ride
bikes in urban settings, your bags will go to worthy causes. Should your
bag be so well loved that it’s not donatable, we break them down into
recyclable raw materials. 

Want in on Breaking up with your bag? We offer a discount of 20% off
full priced items when you recycle your bag through the process below:

Contact us: service@timbuk2europe.nl

We’ll give you an authorization number and returns address.

You’ll receive an email coupon within a week of us receiving your bag
for recycle as long as a legible email address was included.

Additional Topics

Want to buy more than 25 bags for your closest friends, co-workers or
for an event? Our team does wonders with custom embroidery and screen
printing. To kick off your own project, contact us at sales@timbuk2europe.nl